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Professional hosting is
now within your reach.

Whatever you want to achieve online, WebFusion can help make it happen. Since the mid-1990s WebFusion has led the field, making professional grade internet solutions available to all.

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We urge you to first change the host and admin passwords.

To change your passwords, first login in as host with password host, selecting SuperUser Account and changing the password. You can change the admin user password by selecting Common Tasks, Users and clicking on the pencil icon to the left of admin.

To change your site logo, upload a 151x38 pixel GIF replacement image with the name sitelogo.gif. You can do this by using the Files feature in Common Tasks within DNN or by using the Filemanager on your WebFusion MyServerWorld control panel.

To configure your portal for email, first login as Host. Select the Host, Host Setting menu and scroll down to Advanced Settings. Below here are the SMTP Server Settings which require "" as the SMTP Server and your WebFusion username and password for the SMTP Username and Password. Ensure that you have Basic Authentication selected. Click Update to save these settings and Test to validate them.

DNN portal sites are made of pages with containers and modules, for different functions such as galleries, blogs, forums etc. You can create different types of portal site easily by using the Wizard and selecting one of the templates. This will change the layout of your portal site and give it extra pages (and menu items) depending on the type of template you have selected.

Once you're happy with the template you can change the modules on the pages from the Add New Module section at the top centre of the screen. To change the details related to a particular module, select the small down arrow in the top left on the module title. The Page Functions panel at the top left allows you to delete, add or change the global page settings.

The overall look and feel of the site can be enhanced by the use of custom skins and containers. The skins affect the general page layout and the containers frame the modules that are placed on the pages. With this combination of modules, skins and containers your DNN site can be as unique as your imagination.

DotNetNuke Open Source License
 Copyright 2002-2005 by Shaun Walker ( - WFSAW070504B

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Online Guide from the home of DNN

Skins, Containers, Objects & Modules for DNN

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